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A physician-led, professionally managed network

• VPP is governed by a 13-member board which includes seven independent physicians, five Virtua Medical Group physicians, and one Virtua executive.

 • Participating clinicians demonstrate commitment to the Triple Aim. Clinicians actively participate in clinical programs and adopt the protocols, pathways and metrics applicable to his/her specialty.

 • Clinicians have the ability to electronically share clinical and demographic data with VirtuaPhysicianPartners.

• Clinicians participate in performance monitoring, evaluation & remediation process, and peer counseling.

• VirtuaPhysicianPartners is non-exclusive and allows clinicians to participate in other clinically integrated networks.*

• Clinicians may join as a group or as individuals.

• There is zero equity contribution from clinicians.

• The initial participation term in VPP is 24 months. 

Ultimately, clinicians will share in savings from efficiently delivering high quality care.

*Exclusions may apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a clinically integrated network?

A clinically integrated network is a group of clinicians working together to improve patient quality and better manage health care costs.

The goals of a clinically integrated network are to:

  • Improve quality of care
  • Improve access to care and patient experience
  • Reduce the cost of care

Sharing patient information means a more efficient path to diagnosis and treatment, improving physicians’ experience in providing care.
Why is clinical integration important?

Clinical integration connects health care providers and prevents them from practicing “in silos,” where they may be unaware of what other clinicians are doing for their patient. With clinical integration, clinicians are connected, from primary care to specialty physician to labs to hospital to rehab to home care and more. Providers in the network also agree to manage care in a similar way to provide a more consistent experience for patients, no matter which network provider they see.

Clinical integration:

  • Relies on technology to increase communication about a patient, such as alerts to clinicians about patient care in locations other than their office, such as the ER
  • Establishes best practices and standards – created by VPP physicians – to ensure that every patient in the network receives the same high-level experience
  • Reduces duplication in testing, prevents adverse drug interactions, and ensures a seamless care plan without conflicting direction

Everyone who cares for a patient sees what has been done and knows who to contact with any questions about a patient’s care.

Why develop a clinically integrated network?

One of the biggest changes in health care is how providers are compensated. Rather than the old method of paying for service, providers are now paid for value which is based on providing high quality at a reasonable cost. The network improves opportunity for clinician participants, as they jointly follow protocols designed to achieve optimal patient outcomes and lower costs. The network also provides patients with high-quality options for care in all specialties.

With which insurance companies does VPP have a value-based contract?

VirtuaPhysicianPartners currently has value-based contracts with Aetna Commercial Attribution, Aetna Whole Health – Virtua, Amerihealth, and Cigna. VirtuaPhysicianPartners is continually in the process of pursuing value-based agreements with additional insurance companies, for both primary care attribution and specialty episodes of care.
How will the clinical integration programs affect me as an independent physician practice?

VPP clinical guidelines (established by peer clinical committee members of VirtuaPhysicianPartners) will become part of your independent practice. VPP professional management staff can help your practice establish and implement new processes.

Collaboration and information sharing is the cornerstone. All clinicians are expected to encourage patients to see their primary care provider for prevention and to coordinate their overall care.

As part of a physician-led organization, clinicians have opportunities to become involved in the governance of VirtuaPhysicianPartners. From clinical and finance committee membership to board leadership, there are ample opportunities to contribute as desired.

Clinicians in the network collaborate for the benefit of all patients: to drive quality, to lower costs for health care, and to improve the patient experience.

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