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• Clinician (MD, DO, DPM, CRNA, CRNP, PA, CNJ and OD with TPA certification) must be in good standing as a Virtua clinician in accordance with medical staff bylaws, or, if not on Virtua medical staff, then meet VPP’s criteria of a clinician in good standing, which will include background checks, malpractice history review, and/or standing with Medicare/Medicaid.

• Commit to act in a professional manner in relationships with patients, physicians and staff.

• Actively participate in VPP’s clinical programs and adopt the protocols, pathways and metrics applicable to his/her specialty that are established to improve performance.

• Achieve the targeted performance levels within the established protocols, pathways & metrics.

• Be held accountable via VPP’s performance monitoring, evaluation & remediation process, inclusive of peer-to-peer counseling and economic rewards.

• Has a working EMR. Will work collaboratively with VPP to develop interoperability.

• Maintain connectivity with VPP to share electronic clinical and demographic data; permit VPP to review post-adjudicated claims data that are relevant to its programs.

• Achieve the targeted performance levels within established protocols, pathways, and metrics as defined by the VPP Board.

• Participate in all VPP contracts approved by the VPP Board.

• Demonstrate a willingness and commitment to promoting utilization of VPP resources in a manner that improves care coordination, data transparency & the Triple Aim.

• Attend educational programs (e.g. CME) related to VPP programs & evidence-based medicine.

• Group Structure: Physician groups may join as groups or have their members join as individuals, to allow for maximum flexibility of different group structures.

• Groups may join as whole groups or partial groups (care centers), as long as call coverage would be covered to care for VPP patients by VPP clinicians.

• Groups would have the flexibility to hold clinicians accountable in collaboration with the VPP, using existing structures and in collaboration with VPP leadership.

• Groups may also join as groups but exclude clinicians from other service areas, care centers, or due to other operational or strategic considerations.

• Participating clinicians and/or groups agree to an initial participation term of twenty four (24) months. If the clinician and/or group chooses to leave the VPP before the initial term is complete, the individual clinicians and/or group will be required to pay back any distribution payments received during their participation period.

Apply to Become a Member
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