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Jump Start Your Weight-Loss Journey

Long-term weight-loss success CAN be achieved, but it takes a commitment to lifestyle changes like eating healthy and getting active. 

Virtua wants to help you get started. 

Our caring and comprehensive medical weight-loss team offers expert guidance, simple customized eating and meal plans, and all the support you need to succeed.

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Why Choose Virtua for Medical Weight Loss

Motivational and Expert Staff

Our team of supportive and motivational professionals are ready to help you succeed. This includes:


• Michelle Hunt, PsyD, LCADC, clinical psychologist

• Tanya Font, APN, advanced nurse practitioner

• Jessie Funchion, MS, RD, LDN, registered dietitian

• Lauren Landgrebe, RD, registered dietitian 

• Erin Wickersham, RD, registered dietitian 

Flexible Program Options

We offer customizable weight-loss plans that vary based on your needs:


• Work with weight-loss experts to create customized diet and meal plans using FDA-approved weight-loss medications and/or nutritionally complete, delicious meal replacements


• Attend weekly onsite workshops and check-ins where you'll discuss topics that support your weight-loss efforts and long-term success


See the menu of program options and read the frequently asked questions about medical weight loss.

Proof That It Works


Get started on your weight-loss journey today.

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Resources for Your Medical Weight-Loss Visit

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Medically Supervised Weight Loss: Weight Management in South Jersey

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Weight Loss

Is medical weight loss right for me? How do I know if I’m eligible? Get answers to your questions.

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